Short-term stays offer solutions for adult children

Posted: March 21st, 2016 | Expert Advice | No Comments

By Tracy Walter | Monte Vista Village

Tracy Walter | Monte Vista Village

Tracy Walter | Monte Vista Village

We’ve already discussed some of the ways a senior living community can make life better for seniors – socialization, exercise, transportation – but what many people don’t realize is that they can be a great solution for adult children or caregivers also.

What are some of the situations that can arise for adult children that require short-term solutions that senior living communities can help with?

  1. Medical care needs:

When you’re helping to provide any level of care for a senior – laundry, meal preparation, errands –it can feel impossible to carve out time to attend to your own healthcare needs. Arranging a short-term stay at a community for the senior can give you time to schedule a medical procedure or address personal health concerns.

  1. Vacation time:

It’s easy to feel guilty about taking a vacation if you’re worried about the senior you left behind. At Monte Vista Village, residents enjoy garden walks, coffee with friends, scenic drives and outings to restaurants and casinos. Add in the housekeeping, laundry and dining services that are included and it’s really a vacation for the senior too while you’re out of town!

  1. Attend to other family members:

The senior you care for isn’t the only person in your life who needs you! Many adult children are “sandwiched” between parenting their children and helping a senior parent. Again, arranging a short-term stay for the senior can allow you the peace of mind to focus on other family needs.

  1. Travel for work:

Careers often suffer when trying to balance the job, family life and caregiving duties. While the senior enjoys a short-term stay at a community, you can take care of business travel or just get caught up in the office.

The most important thing to keep in mind about a short-term stay at a senior living community is that it can be an enjoyable break for the senior while allowing you time for the other things in your life that matter too. We can help find solutions –short or long-term – for whatever season of life you’re in. Give us a call at 619-465-1331and let us brainstorm with you!

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