News from your County Supervisor – Oct. 27, 2017

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By Dianne Jacob

Latest on libraries: My colleagues on the board of supervisors recently joined me in taking another step toward the opening of a bigger, better library in Lakeside.

The board cleared the way to buy a Woodside Avenue parcel in the heart of town for a new library. Thank you to the community for all your support as we move this important project forward.

Meanwhile, I’m hoping a new library may be coming to Casa de Oro, too. The county has also been looking at expanding the existing facility on Campo Road.

Since I joined the board, the county has remodeled eight libraries in East County and built 13 of them. The most recent new library to open is in Alpine.

Coming up roses: There’s a lot of good news on the farm front.

The county’s annual crop report shows that the total value of local crops has grown to $1.74 billion and that agriculture contributes $2.88 billion annually to our economy. That works out to nearly 17,000 jobs directly or indirectly tied to agriculture!

Wildfire warning: It’s important to remember that we’re still at the height of the fall fire season.

Dianne Jacob

If you haven’t already, download the SD Emergency app for your phone, register for 911 alerts from law enforcement and take other critical steps to protect your home and family. Start by going to

The recent firestorms in Northern California are heart-breaking. They are also a brutal reminder of the dangers we face here every day.

— Dianne Jacob is San Diego County Supervisor for District 2. For more District 2 news, go to or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. For assistance with a county issue, call 619-531-5522 or email

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