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By Dianne Jacob | Dianne’s Corner

Help on the home front: San Diego County recently took a huge step in its efforts to accelerate the construction of affordable housing for low-income veterans, seniors and others in need.

The Board of Supervisors agreed to enter into negotiations and award up to $25 million to seven projects that would result in more than 500 new homes for low-income residents across our region.

Supervisor Ron Roberts joined me last year in proposing the special $25 million fund as part of our stepped-up efforts to address the region’s affordable housing crisis.

Revamp and reboot: The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) recently awarded a community group a $500,000 grant to work with the county on a revitalization plan for Casa de Oro.

The money is a huge shot in the arm for the group, the Casa de Oro Alliance, which has impressed me with its tireless efforts to build a safer, more vibrant community. The creation of a specific plan will set the stage for a major transformation of the unincorporated area starting within the next few years.

Wildfire warning: Ready for disaster?

This is a high-risk time of the year. Our backcountry is dry, grasses and other fuels are high and the fall Santa Ana winds are due to return soon.

Don’t take any chances. Among the ways you can get prepared: Check out; clear brush and debris around your home; sign up for the AlertSanDiego notification system; and download the SD Emergency app on your smartphone.

— Dianne Jacob is San Diego County Supervisor for District 2. For more District 2 news, visit or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. For assistance with a county issue, call 619-531-5522 or email

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