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By Dianne Jacob | Dianne’s Corner

Ratepayer rip-off: The president of the California Public Utilities Commission recently floated an idea that sounds like it was cooked up by a utility company fat cat. Michael Picker suggested that utilities be allowed to charge rural residents more for electricity to help cover fire safety costs.

His proposal is not only outrageous, but would let monopolies like SDG&E off the financial hook.

The fact is that SDG&E — more than a decade after a string of deadly wildfires across our region — has failed to do the right thing and fully harden its rural lines and other facilities against disaster.

Ratepayers should not be stuck with the bill to complete these overdue improvements — and SDG&E should not be allowed to continue to put shareholder profits over public safety.

Senior safeguards: I recently joined District Attorney Summer Stephan, Sheriff Bill Gore and other law enforcement leaders to announce additional safeguards to protect seniors from abuse and neglect.

The new Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Blueprint incorporates model practices and responses for our first responders, prosecutors and others.

We need to do all we can to combat incidents of abuse and neglect. This blueprint will help in the fight.

Success stories: So many great folks are doing wonderful things across our community. Among those who have recently received county proclamations for their contributions:

Mike Clinkenbeard, the 2017 chairman of the Santee Chamber of Commerce and a longtime leader of the Cajon Valley Education Foundation; and the Steele

Dianne Jacob

Canyon High School football team, which recently won the school’s first state championship.

Congratulations to the team, coach Scott Longerbone and Principal Don Hohimer!

— Dianne Jacob is San Diego County Supervisor for District 2. For more District 2 news, go to or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. For assistance with a county issue, call 619-531-5522 or email

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