Letters to the editor – Sept. 25, 2015

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Praise for ‘It’s the people we’ll miss’

Many, many thanks for the beautiful article by Genevieve Suzuki! It captures exactly how I feel about my neighborhood people. I wonder how many millions of people feel just like this? This is one of the best articles I’ve read in years, and that includes major “prestige” publications. If university literature departments still taught literature, this is the nonfiction their students would be writing (and there would be something actually worth reading out there on the “bestseller” list). Thank you so much!

– David Wiener, La Jolla

Sad parting for Sanfilippos

I am sending my thoughts about Sanfilippo’s pizza.

Happy friendly staff, for sure. But one of the most fun (and thoughtful) things is giving your kiddos a ball of dough at your table for them to play with. Our son is 15 now, but it sure was good entertainment at our table when he had the dough to roll, stretch, taste and just have fun with.

It’s very sad to see them close. Their food is really delicious. We’ll miss them all.

 –Susy Boyer, La Mesa

My family and I are sorry to hear that Sanfilippo’s is closing. We have eaten there many times since they opened and we have lived in La Mesa for 50-plus years. When my son Brad, who lives in the San Francisco area, comes home, we meet there for pizza and spaghetti. Other times, my daughter, Elene, comes from Alpine to join us for our favorite Tuesday lunch special, lasagna. My daughter Renee, likes the Don’s Special. Now where do we go locally?

–Ruth Bidwell, La Mesa

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