Letters to the Editor – Sept. 22, 2017

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Compromise at Little Flower Haven

Re: “City Council rejects Little Flower Haven” [Volume 7, Issue 8, or]

The development of this property is inevitable, why can’t the La Mesa city, representing its citizenry and Silvergate Development come to a honorable compromise? The major hang-up appears to be off-street parking.

Why not take the magnanimous course and split the difference of 67 off-street parking spaces (i.e. 33.5 —  the .5 could go to a Vespa.) The city could avoid an uncertain, costly lawsuit and a delayed increase in its tax base. The developer could, by adding spaces, expedite its project and ingratiate itself to the community.

There is too much rancor in this world today, here is an opportunity for all to take the high ground and shine.

—Carlos Miller, La Mesa

Stop HR38 CCR

I want to state opposition regarding a dangerous gun bill that will be coming up for a vote in the House soon, HR38 Concealed Carry Reciprocity (CCR). This bill would essentially nullify all of California’s hard-won gun laws.

CCR does NOT create a national standard for who can carry guns in public in the country. In fact, it would gut our country’s gun laws, override state laws, and make the weakest link the law of the land. Many states do not have training or permitting requirements to carry a gun in public and, under CCR, gun owners would be allowed to carry their guns from state to state, no questions asked.

CCR would force all 50 states — including those like California’s with strong, sensible gun safety laws — to allow violent criminals, domestic abusers, and convicted stalkers to carry hidden, loaded guns in public.

I ask you to call and urge your Congress members to VOTE NO on CCR. We cannot allow this dangerous bill to affect the safety of our citizens!

—Wendy Wheatcroft, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

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