Letters to the editor – Oct. 28, 2016

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Poor choice of words

Re: “Hometown hero deserves recognition” [Vol. 6, Issue 9]

Clarke Stillwagen’s article “Hometown hero deserves recognition” reminded me of Donald Trump shaking his hands while mimicking a handicapped reporter. In the article devoted to local resident John Bryant, Mr. Stillwagen wrote that he “…initially thought of John as one of the mentally-challenged crazies that dot the La Mesa landscape.” To have referred to Mr. Bryant as “crazy” was appalling, and totally uncalled for.

Our city is home to many handicapped people who need our attention and understanding, not fear and ridicule. We should help them, if necessary, or just be kind and say hello.

I have never met John, but he does not look scary, particularly for a grown man like the author.

Mr. Stillwagen needs to either learn to be more considerate, or to just stop writing altogether. I am sure there are many writers who can fill his spot in your paper without needlessly offending their subjects. Or better yet, the retired Mr. Stillwagen can pick up a bucket and go help John in his chores.

How do you think John felt after being called crazy? My hair stands up every time I think about it.

I hope I don’t have to read similar offenders again in your paper,

-Tuula Matosian, La Mesa

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  1. Dan Salazar says:

    Unsure what that point of your screed was. You misstated the facts of the President-elect Trump incident..but I’ll bet you knew that.

    The thing is, the American people are sick and tired of these little tit-for-at attacks. Instead of trying to shame the allegedly offensive person, try to educate her or him..

    You don’t educate anyone when you write meanspirited letters like yours.

    Try to do better these next 4 years. Thanks.

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