Letters to the editor – Nov. 25, 2016

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Reading and libraries

Re: “La Mesa Reads: Books by and about veterans” [Volume 6, Issue 10]

Kudos to Librarian Heather Pisani-Kristl for her thoughtful piece on Veterans Day reading. Another unmistakable example of the multiple, varied and continuous contributions local libraries make to our quality of life.

While it is a shame that the sitting City Council apparently cannot find the will to finish La Mesa’s permanent library, that failure does not give the rest of us a pass. By design, the planned La Mesa Library would serve as a vibrant hub for learning and citizen participation in a revitalized city center.

Those working, like Ms. Pisani-Kristl, in less-than-ideal circumstances in the temporary facility deserve our gratitude and our support. But that’s not enough. Let’s pay it forward and finish the permanent library – it’s clearly up to us.

—Dr. Anthony McIvor

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