Letters to the Editor: March 23, 2018

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Response to Scientology insert

La Mesa Courier has received multiple emails, letters and phone calls pertaining to the Church of Scientology insert that is periodically delivered with the paper. Advertising decisions are beyond the scope of the editorial department, however, due to the number of responses we’ve received, I asked our publisher to clarify the paper’s position on groups — religious or otherwise — advertising in the paper. His response is as follows:

“Our advertising policy shall apply to all print, online and email advertisements that are submitted to SDCNN publications. SDCNN reserves the right to reject or cancel any ad at any time.

We feel any legitimate business has the right to advertise in the pages of our hyper-local community newspapers, including controversial businesses such as Scientology, marijuana-related operation, adult entertainment, etc. Whether our readers agree or disagree to these types of businesses, we feel they have the right to promote their enterprise.

The businesses who pay for advertisements in our free newspaper are the ones who make it possible for us to continue publishing. We are a small business dealing with all the challenges these turbulent times present to newspapers. These advertisers are our only source of income to pay for printing, distribution, editors and writers, operations, etc. If it were not for our advertisers, we would not be able to remain in business and your community would not have a newspaper.

Your community newspaper offers you a voice, news and information about your local community. We try to promote dialogue about the issues and concerns that face your community. We encourage readers to write letters to the editor to share your concerns and issues regarding anything within our pages.

We hope you value your newspaper enough to continue to read it, however, should you no longer wish to receive our newspaper simply email us your address and we will discontinue delivery.”

Stop Scientology promotion

I read the La Mesa Courier every month and have been a longtime resident of La Mesa. For many years, I worked at the La Mesa Woman’s Club and we kept your paper on our front lobby table for all the women who have visited along with the many members we have. I used to give it to new residents of La Mesa as a way of getting acquainted with our charming city and all it has to offer. I’m familiar with almost all the advertisers and frequent their businesses.

For the last two editions of this paper, upon opening it, out drops a brochure with a questionnaire and a mailing address to Church of Scientology! Imagine my surprise that it appears that the La Mesa Courier now belongs to this church and are promoting it, or someone is paying this newspaper to circulate these brochures! Which is it?

I believe all religious information should be requested by the requestor to the institution of which they’d like information about. I do not appreciate it being slipped into my paper. Please stop this practice or lots of other churches might be calling on you to circulate their information so you can recruit for them too.

I realize this is a free paper, but if this activity continues, this paper will go directly to the recycle can. You can let your advertisers know about the drop in activity.

—Ginger Davis, La Mesa via email

Awesome association

Re: “Pushing through life’s obstacles” [Volume 8, Issue 2 or]

TMI is honored to provide services to such a talented and inspiring individual. We look forward to seeing Heather perform in “Willy Wonka!”

—Toward Maximum Independence, via Facebook

Depot disappointment

Re: “End of the line for Depot Springs” [Volume 8, Issue 2 or]

Bummer. Was really looking forward to this. Hoping one of the SD heavy-hitting craft brewers jumps in and finishes it out!

—Kathleen Nicole, via Facebook

Damn. I kept wondering when this place would open. The “kid zone” was going to be a huge draw for me.

—Melissa Johnson, via Facebook

That’s disappointing.

— Laura Lolly, via Facebook


—Jim Bellamy, via Facebook

Conflict of interest

Should the president of a school board own a gun shop that boasts about having “California’s largest inventory of AR-15 components, from barrels to buttstocks?”

La Mesa Spring Valley’s School Board president David Chong does!

I Googled Mr. Chong and went to his website to confirm that it was true. Then I asked myself, “Do parents of students in this district know about this? Would any of them be outraged, like we are?” I decided to alert a few of the parents who happen to be my friends, and they did not know about this. They, too, were shocked.

In the wake of so many mass shootings in this country, where mentally unstable individuals walk into gun shops just like this one, and purchase AR-15 semi-assault weapons — because they can — and proceed to walk into schools, concert venues, malls, etc. and shoot and murder innocent people, adults and children alike, I simply cannot understand how voters could allow anyone who sells semi-automatic weapons to represent their children’s school district as the president of their board.

It doesn’t make any sense. With certain politicians pushing to arm our teachers in our schools, I can only imagine what a gun shop owner’s thoughts might be on this prospect — especially one who presides over a school board.

My hope is that this letter educates parents of students in this school district to question this. Research this. Protest this.

How can a school district profess their promise to keep children safe at school when the president of their school board is the owner of a firearm store, where one can purchase AR-15 semi-automatic assault weapons of potential mass destruction?

Talk about a conflict of interest!

—Nora Kearney-Johnson, La Mesa


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