Letters to the Editor: June 22, 2018

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Who’s brilliant idea?

Re: “Farmers market moves” [Volume 8, Issue 5 or]

We live in La Mesa and enjoy going out to dinner at several restaurants downtown. We have stopped going there on Fridays due to taking as long as 15 minutes getting a parking place.

Are you aware that some restaurants have cut hours for their employees due to very low paying customers?

One evening we were sitting at Por Favor — all people do is just walk up and down the street or walk their dogs! Sorry, but I feel sorry where restaurants that are handicap accessible, none are available for customers on Friday.

Please investigate more about who’s brilliant idea it was to do this for six months during summer on the busiest night of week. Pick another day — Sunday would be better!

—Gloria Fernandez, La Mesa

The system is the story

Re: “LMSVSD approves new superintendent” [Volume8, Issue 5 or]

[Feliciano is] another overpaid and over-pensioned state employee with no equivalent private sector pay and especially retirement. He’s a double-dipper with a state-employed wife. You could have mentioned that he’s getting a $100,000 raise and he doesn’t even have a Ph.D. — even in education.

Brian Marshall should retire. His salary of $286,000-plus will mean that his pension in five years will equal his salary. Nowhere in America are the pensions this generous and that’s why Jerry Brown warned them that when the next recession hits, there will be no guarantees.

Most experts agree that CALPERS and CALSTRS, funded at 68 percent and 64 percent, respectively, will go broke in a few years. Right now, (and the baby boomers haven’t yet peaked) CALPERS alone is costing California taxpayers $8 billion a year. Billions in unfunded liabilities.

Right now, there are two classes in California: the government retirees and the private sector. One committing genocide on the other. Watch our taxes increase to pay this unappreciative, politically dominant class. And I don’t think the people will wake up. The ones that do will move out of California.

So, David Feliciano isn’t the story. His system is.

—Stan Sexton, via email

Marijuana cover story

Re: “Staking a Claim” [Volume 8, Issue 4 or]

So on the front cover is a picture and story of a father and son selling marijuana. What is this world coming to?

How sad.

—Randy Swanson, La Mesa

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