Letters to the editor – July 28, 2017

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Pedestrian traffic tribulation

Individuals, twosomes, threesomes, twosomes with five dogs, joggers, individuals with dogs, parents pushing strollers — even foursomes — are hazarding themselves and the operators of motor vehicles by walking in local roadways.

In the hills above the Village — replete with narrow roads, blind corners, ascents and descents, sweeping curves, multiple intersecting streets, and parked cars — folks can be seen almost every day taking unreasonable risks. Some are not merely content with walking near the curbs or edges of the roads, but actually walk out in the near middle of the streets. All too many walk with traffic, rather than facing it. (At least they should walk facing traffic.)

It seems most serious when folks intentionally ignore adjacent sidewalks to walk in the roadways. (Certainly, some streets have no sidewalks, but many do.) It is particularly dangerous and frequent during the hours of the morning and evening commutes when traffic is at its heaviest.

As the old saying goes, “It’s only a matter of time.”

—J. S. Anderson, La Mesa

A crime is a crime

Re: Guest editorial: Yes, we need a wall — between local police and federal immigration enforcement [Volume 7, Issue 6 or]

We have way too much crime in San Diego County. The author obviously doesn’t care or is oblivious to this fact. She must not see what everyone else sees: gang graffiti creeping into La Mesa. It can be seen near schools, neighborhoods and shopping centers. A crime is a crime and police are charged with protecting us from criminals, regardless of their nationality.

I’m a little surprised to see these types of articles. The last administration turned a blind eye to crimes committed by illegals. But we can no longer afford to allow criminal aliens to walk free.

If non-U.S. citizen criminals are brought to the attention of local police, they should be turned over promptly to federal immigration authorities.

Crime is crime and liberals who insist on shielding criminals from law enforcement officers don’t have best interests and safety of U.S. citizens and legal residents in mind.

Enforce the laws on the books or change them. But please stop trying to find ways to violate the laws on the books.

—Carrie Torres, via website

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