Dianne’s Corner: News, notes from county board – June 24, 2016

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By Dianne Jacob

Smart spending: The county’s new budget includes more money for public safety, mental health programs and services for the elderly.

While the budget trims spending overall, it allows for the expansion of programs aimed at helping the mentally ill, including the homeless, and seniors who want to stay in their homes as they age.

It includes money to develop new branch libraries in Lakeside and Casa de Oro, new fire stations in Jacumba and Pine Valley and for improvements to Lindo Lake and other East County parks. Money is also set aside for a planned equestrian center in Lakeside.

Dianne Jacob

Dianne Jacob

Stay cool: Now that summer is here, seniors and those with disabilities need to be especially careful during the hot weather. Those looking to escape the heat can head to one of the county’s more than 115 designated “Cool Zones” across our region.

Look for the Polar Bear Cool Zone sign outside these air-conditioned locations, which include county libraries and community centers.

Helping our elderly: I was glad to recently help lead the county’s latest Aging Summit, which has become the to-go event for seniors and caregivers in our region.

We talked a lot about what more communities can do to better accommodate the needs of our oldest residents. As the number of San Diegans 70-and-older grows, it’s critical we do all we can to help them stay in their homes and neighborhoods as long as they are able.

Aging & Independence Services oversees county programs for the elderly. For more information, call 800-510-2020.

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Have a great East County day!

—Dianne Jacob is County Supervisor for District 2.

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