Recognizing luscious landscapes

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On Oct. 13, La Mesa Beautiful held its 38th Annual Awards Luncheon to recognize homeowners with outstanding landscapes. In addition to the awards for landscapes, Mayor Mark Arapostathis was accepted a Citizen of the Year Award on behalf of the many residents whose effort resulted in the Lookout at Legacy Park. Former La Mesa Beautiful […]

Autumn’s Arrival

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10 Plants with beautiful fall color for San Diego By Gary Jones Can’t tell by the look of your garden when fall arrives? You must be missing those important trees and shrubs that provide gorgeous fall color in San Diego. As Southern Californians, we need to look beyond the classic maples and deciduous oaks that […]

Training a dog with leash reactivity

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By Sari Reis Does your sweet sociable canine turn into Cujo when he sees another dog while walking on leash? If so, he is likely displaying “leash reactivity.” I have met numerous dogs that are as sweet as can be off leash at the dog park but unruly and obnoxious when walking on leash. This […]

Prepare your lawn and garden for fire season

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By Gary Jones Due to a unique combination of climate and terrain, California will always suffer from wildfires. But with appropriate planning, planting and maintenance, these fires won’t be devastating to homeowners. A large portion of our state is a Mediterranean-type climate, situated in a region close to the sea with hot, dry summers, recurring […]

Shoe sense

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By Erica Moe What kind of shoe do you have? Do you wear running shoes for every activity? Consider getting sport-specific shoes if you spend more than three hours per week doing a sport activity. For example, if you play basketball twice a week for 1.5 hours, consider a shoe with ankle support. If you […]

In case of emergency

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By Sari Reis A few weeks ago I was involved in a situation that still has me reeling. It involved a friend of mine who was caring for a couple of dogs. He is 72 years old and in good health. I had been calling him daily as one of the dogs in his care […]

Is your cat drinking enough water?

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By Sari Reis Water makes up 80 percent of your cat’s body and is the most important nutrient they need. Unfortunately, as descendants from desert-living felines who got most of their water from their kills, drinking water from a bowl doesn’t come naturally for many of our domesticated cats.