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Republican Women to present Action Track Chair to Wounded Warrior

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Judy McCarty Rep. Darryl Issa (Ca.-49) will join Navajo Canyon Republican Women’s Federated (NCRWF) members and San Diego County Republican Women Federated (SDCRWF) in presenting an Action Track Chair to a deserving wounded warrior who still craves action. The event will take place at the SDCRWF County Biennial Convention Dec. 12 at The Town and […]

Republican Women raise nearly $20K for wounded veteran

By Judy McCarty The Action Trackchair is the ultimate in off-road wheelchairs, allowing severely wounded warriors who love the outdoors to access mountain roads, campgrounds, the woods, the beach, mud, snow etc. It returns to these veterans the freedom and independence that is so important to them. Such a high-tech wheelchair is very expensive, but […]

Navajo Canyon Republican Women plan evening meeting with ‘Politichicks’ co-founder

By Judy McCarty Navajo Canyon Republican Women Federated (NCRWF) is looking forward to April 14 for dinner and an evening with the extraordinary, irrepressible Dr. Gina Loudon — author, columnist, frequent Fox News commentator and mother of five — who will speak and sign her latest book, “What Women Really Want.”

Navajo Canyon Republican Women Federated: Local campaign strategist Jason Roe to share political insights at NCRWF meeting March 10

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By Judy McCarty Campaign strategist Jason Roe has become a popular speaker at Navajo Canyon Republican Women Federated meetings, and he will return March 10 with his perceptions of current political goings-on locally, statewide and nationally. (We had a great debate about the upcoming county supervisor elections last meeting with both Supervisor Dianne Jacob and […]