Benefits of having an orthodontist and dentist in the same office

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By Dr. Santiago Surillo | San Diego Kids Dentist

Children’s Braces and Dentistry is proud to be a dual-specialty dental practice. The team is dedicated to providing excellent, caring and personalized care in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. But how does a combined practice benefit patients?

Dr. Santiago Surillo | San Diego Kids Dentist

Dr. Santiago Surillo | San Diego Kids Dentist

“My practice offers something unique to patients- specialized care from both dentists and orthodontists,” says Dr. Santiago Surillo, a certified pediatric dentist and orthodontist. “That means, not only can we care for the health of your child’s mouth, we can provide orthodontic treatment at precisely the right time to have the best outcome. In an office with both specialties, parents can rest easy knowing any issue that may arise in their children can be met and treated with expert knowledge at exactly the right time it will make the most impact.”

At Children’s Braces and Kids Dentistry, you’ll have the benefit of two specially trained pediatric dentists, one of whom is also dually certified in orthodontics, and a dentist who specializes in treating teenagers and beyond.

This unique practice allows children the opportunity to establish a relationship from a young age with a highly skilled team of dental professionals, and to continue that relationship throughout their oral health needs. In an office that is completely centered around children, parents know their children are always in safe, caring, and expert hands.

“We know that families are busy, and shuttling children to and from multiple offices is often hard,” says Dr. Surillo. “Having a combined orthodontics and dentistry practice also offers added convenience for parents. While one child has his braces tightened, another can have her six month check-up. Children transition easily from one area of treatment to the next because they are already comfortable with our office and staff, so there is no anxiety about what a new course of treatment may bring.”

When you step into the Children’s Braces and Dentistry office, you’ll immediately feel at home and welcomed. But you’ll also know that your child is receiving the most exceptional dental care available in the San Diego area. By treating patients as young as the age of one, we can prevent dental caries and set children up for a lifetime of good oral health. But by also being able to monitor the growth and development of their jaws, teeth, and face, we can find and diagnose any orthodontic issues at a young age, and then begin treatment at the right time to ensure a beautifully functioning smile into adulthood.

“Our practice focuses on prevention, and beginning necessary treatment at the right time,” says Dr. Surillo. “By combining specialties, we can better monitor your child’s oral health, and intervene at the right time to give your child the best smile. We love working with our young patients, and treat them as members of our extended family. We watch them grow up, and it is our honor to treat them throughout their childhood.”

Combining the practices of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics is convenient, but it also ensures amazing results for your child. We are honored to help children achieve beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime by combining our expertise.

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  1. I never would have guessed that having an orthodontist and dentist in the same location could be so beneficial. I really like how you explained that “Combining the practices of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics is convenient, but it also ensures amazing results for your child.” I do not have children but I can imagine how helpful a good orthodontist or dentist can be when it comes to ensuring that your kids have good oral health.

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