Anderson recognizes La Mesa Beautiful

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By Prianka Kumar

The roads of La Mesa are lined with lush trees and blooming flowers alongside carefully manicured gardens, reinforcing the city’s designation as the “Jewel of the Hills.” Maintaining its pristine landscape is the goal of local organization La Mesa Beautiful. The nonprofit, a recent addition to the La Mesa Chamber of Commerce, also recently received a certificate of recognition provided by state Senator Joel Anderson, who represents La Mesa, as a celebration of its significant contributions to the community of La Mesa and the residents who call it home.

La Mesa Beautiful has deep roots in the community, having worked since 1974 to enhance the appearance of local parks, schools and streets. Through partnerships with local officials, it promotes landscaping activities throughout the city. For instance, upon visiting Harry Griffen Park, one will be able to enjoy an abundance of majestic trees planted by La Mesa Beautiful, many of which commemorate individuals committed to the goals of beautification.

Photo Courtesy Joel Anderson’s twitter account, @JoelAndersonCA

The organization’s efforts to preserve La Mesa’s natural charm stem from their dedication to the community as a whole. Recognizing the importance of education in spreading awareness about horticulture, La Mesa Beautiful offers academic scholarships to students at Cuyamaca College and El Capitan High. They also award individual residents for maintaining outstanding landscapes.

La Mesa Beautiful exemplifies a local organization that gives back to its community, and is one that Anderson believes is worthy of recognition.

“It’s wonderful to see organizations like La Mesa Beautiful that use their resources to support and better the community,” Anderson said.

“I’m grateful to them for ensuring that La Mesa is a welcoming and truly beautiful place.”

For more information on La Mesa Beautiful, please visit their website at

— Prianka Kumar is a legislative intern for Sen. Joel Anderson 

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