Guest editorial: Five tips for shopping for the Covered California health plan that best fits you

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By Covered California staff With Covered California’s three-month open-enrollment period starting Nov. 1, it’s a great time to shop for the best fit for your health coverage. During Covered California open enrollment, which runs through Jan. 31, consumers can choose among 11 name-brand health insurance plans that offer high-quality and affordable coverage.

Guest editorial: What parents need to know about opioid abuse

By Dr. George Koumaras  For many teens, their first exposure to prescription painkillers is when they have their wisdom teeth pulled. However, this rite of passage and the painkillers prescribed to manage the post-surgery discomfort may be the gateway to other problems such as the addiction potential of opioids. Morphine, OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet or codeine […]

Analysis: Go vote

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor

The election of 2016 will undoubtedly go down as one of the most bizarre and contentious in our nation’s history and be remembered more for its breakdown in civility than a thoughtful discussion on policy ideas. It is easy to see why at a time like this people may become discouraged and decide to sit out the election and not vote. That would be a mistake.

On page six of this issue, local author Kathleen A. McLaughlin sums up the cynical sentiment of many voters this election cycle when she asks, “Who can I trust?”

Letters to the editor – Oct. 28, 2016

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Poor choice of words Re: “Hometown hero deserves recognition” [Vol. 6, Issue 9] Clarke Stillwagen’s article “Hometown hero deserves recognition” reminded me of Donald Trump shaking his hands while mimicking a handicapped reporter. In the article devoted to local resident John Bryant, Mr. Stillwagen wrote that he “…initially thought of John as one of the mentally-challenged crazies that dot the […]

Political commentary: Who can I trust?

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By Kathleen A. McLaughlin My husband and I were watching the evening news which was, as usual, reporting on all the sadness in the world. The commentary went to politics and the endless disparities. We both sat staring blankly at the TV when my husband says, “You know … it all comes down to trust. […]

Guest editorial: East County church opens hearts, minds and doors

By Hillary Whittington Last Sunday, the pastor at Foothills United Methodist Church in East County took a leap of faith when they decided to present my family’s story to the congregation. I nervously wondered how the conservative and very traditional members of this church would react to our YouTube video being played during the service […]