Oh, my!

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor

In 1990, Bobbi Brink was searching through a her local Texas newspaper for used restaurant equipment when another classified listing caught her eye and changed the course of her life.

“I kept seeing ads for lions, tigers, leopards for sale and so being the animal lover that I am, I wanted to go see what it was about,” Brink said. “I went to a lady’s house and she lived in a mobile home on 5 acres. She had 30 big cats and babies crawling all over the floor. You could take a lion or a cougar home with no permits, nothing. You could just buy a tiger and take it home.”

Council clarifies city rules on marijuana

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor At its Feb. 28 meeting, the La Mesa City Council tackled the daunting task of updating how it will enforce marijuana statutes now that new local and statewide laws are coming into effect. City Attorney Glenn Sabine presented the council with an explanation of La Mesa’s existing regulations that were […]

A helping hand

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor

In the summer of 2014, La Mesa resident Meghana Reddy was on a family trip to India when she stumbled across a problem that needed solving.

“I was teaching at an orphanage where I witnessed two kids missing limbs so I wanted to do something to help them,” said Reddy, now a 17-year-old senior at Francis Parker School. “But I noticed that prosthetics in the area were very expensive — a couple thousand dollars. So when I came back to the U.S. I did more research and I found that 3D printing limbs artificially could significantly reduce the cost of the prosthetics to around 40 to 50 dollars.”

Chalk art collaboration at La Mesa Arts Academy

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor

A collaboration with Mt. Miguel High School turned the La Mesa Arts Academy (LMAA) open house on March 2 into an opportunity to promote and celebrate the visual arts with a project that created chalk art in the school’s courtyard.

“I was pleased by this project because the visual arts don’t always get their applause,” LMAA teacher Alison Lindsay said. “They’re not up on stage, they don’t have the evening events where the parents are sitting in the audience.”

Peter Pan revives ‘My Fair Lady’

By David Moye

The 90 children currently rehearsing for the Peter Pan Junior Theater’s upcoming production of “My Fair Lady” not only have to learn their lines and choreography, but, in some cases, how to dress themselves.

“Many of today’s fashions don’t use buttons or snaps like they did when the play is set. They need to learn how to use buttons and snaps,” is how the show’s director, Dr. Mark Arapostathis, a teacher at La Mesa Arts Academy (LMAAC) and the mayor of La Mesa, explained it with good-natured exasperation. “We’re teaching them how to tie their own shoes.”

Local ‘Angel’ offers lifelines to homeless youth

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By Ken Williams | Contributing Editor

Urban Street Angels operate an emergency overnight shelter on Tuesdays in space rented from Missiongathering Christian Church, located on Polk Street in North Park. One of its founding members is longtime La Mesa resident Jerry Troyer, who was recently promoted to assistant director.

Troyer said the shelter takes in “transitional age youth,” typically between the ages of 17 and 25, who they find on the streets of San Diego or who desperately call them for help. The shelter can accommodate up to 24 youth at a time.