Higher education is the issue of our time

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By Rep. Susan A. Davis A nation’s potential is aligned closely with the strength of its education system. America’s success is a result of the quality and abundant opportunities in the area of higher education. Education has always been a passion of mine. I got my start in public service because of education. In 1983, […]

Is your cat in pain?

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By Sari Reis In a study done at Texas A&M, it was discovered that 90 percent of cats over the age of 10 had x-ray evidence of painful arthritis and their owners had no idea. Although this is disturbing, it is completely understandable as cats are well-known for hiding any signs of illness, weakness, or […]

Steyer and Takvorian to speak on environment

By Linda Aramcost and Jeff Benesch In just 45 days, the new administration under Donald Trump has wreaked havoc on the environmental advances made under the previous administration. We’ve seen executive orders weakening the Clean Water Act; the Keystone Pipeline has been given new life and will now transport dirty oil from Canadian tar sands […]

Dispensaries, climate, crime top town halls

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor This year’s annual La Mesa City Council town hall meetings brought out larger than normal turnouts and a mix of usual and unusual concerns from residents. The two meetings, held Jan. 31 at Lemon Avenue Elementary and Feb. 2 at Rolando Elementary, continued a tradition of the council offering the […]

Iron Maidens advance to championships

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By Jay Steiger Eighteen months ago, Jeff Bergeleen was just another soccer dad. Proud of his children but content to cheer from the sidelines. Then a local league official informed the parents from his daughter’s team that there was no coach, and if someone did not step forward, the team would have to disband. Bergeleen […]

City unveils community profile

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By Margie M. Palmer In late January, the city of La Mesa has unveiled a new community profile and elected officials say they’re excited to be able to showcase key details about the city, including economic development programs, recent and ongoing public infrastructure projects and important city contacts. It also highlights La Mesa’s commitment to […]