Notes from your County Supervisor

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By Dianne Jacob | Dianne’s Corner Pioneer path: A long-held dream of re-opening the historic Stowe Trail to the public is finally becoming a reality. MCAS Miramar has agreed to make the scenic path, which skirts the eastern edge of the air base, accessible again. Those wishing to hike or bike along the trail must […]

Steyer and Takvorian to speak on environment

By Linda Aramcost and Jeff Benesch In just 45 days, the new administration under Donald Trump has wreaked havoc on the environmental advances made under the previous administration. We’ve seen executive orders weakening the Clean Water Act; the Keystone Pipeline has been given new life and will now transport dirty oil from Canadian tar sands […]

News from Helix Charter High School – Feb. 24, 2017

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By Jennifer Osborn | Helix Highlights Judges needed for Senior Boards Community members are invited to participate as judges for upcoming Senior Defenses and Senior Boards. All Helix seniors must complete the Senior Project, which entails creating a product, coordinating an event, planning a performance, or providing an actual service that has been designed by […]

Border Patrol to speak on current and future fences

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By Judy McCarty | Navajo Canyon Republican Women Federated Protestors have raised their voices since the recent presidential election — particularly about the proposed extended border fence or wall. Navajo Canyon Republican Women Federated (NCRWF) is interested to hear how well the current fence is doing in stemming drugs, human trafficking and “alien” crossings.